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Welcome To Licchavi College of Teaches Training

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It's our pleasure to announce the commencement of Licchavi college of Teachers Training. The college has been established with a view to impart quality Professional Education and enhance the Employment oppertunities among educated youths.

Licchavi College of Teachers Training, a co-educational and permanently recognized college by N.C.T.E. Bhubaneswar, Orissa and affiliated to B.R.A.Bihar University Muzaffarpur is important constituent of Licchavi Foundation, an educational and public charitable trust, registered under Trust Act 1882. The Licchavi Foundation was established by Shri Suresh chandra Prasad Sinha with the sole and pious aim of promoting the cause of real and meaningful education. Under his imaginative, dynamic and able guidance, educational institute has made immense Progress during the past years.

All the educational institutions under the Licchavi Foundation have been functioning with remarkable success.


2500 years from hence, Licchavis has attributed to give the world its first democratic republic. This has also been mentioned in the scriptures of Panini and Kautilya. Vaishali was the capital of vibrant republic of Licchavi state. Mahavira was born here and Buddha delivered his last sermon at Vaishali and announced his Parinirvan here. Inspired by the Lichhavis Lord Buddha Founded Bodh Sangha at Vaishali.

Vaishali, during the ancient days was the centre for socio-cultural growth with profound pillars of progressive dynamics of administraton which reflects in the decentralised fedral control of our constitution to this present day.

With such a rich cultural heritage, in the pious land of Vashali, Licchavi Foundation is commited to the development and growth of education and culture.


The college at an integral and personalised training of youths and women through integral pedagogy, Methodology, experience reflection, Action and Evaluation to be well motivated teachers. It aims at promoting value and quality education such as respect for norms of democracy, protection of Environment, culture transparency and probability in private and public life and moral value.